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At Spencer, Johnson, & Harvell, PLLC, success in our estate, trust, fiduciary and guardianship litigation practice is directly related to our client relationships, the attention we give to them and the time and energy we put into each case. It also stems from our competitiveness and utter disdain for losing. We prepare and fight hard to get results for our clients and approach each case with the vigor, concentration with the goal of being as prepared as possible for any battle faced during the case and the war that is trial at the end. Our preparation is also apparent in addressing the tedious, more involved estate and trust administration matters, fiduciary duties and obligations and the liability that attaches to all of them, matters that get lost by others that do not practice in thie area all day every day.

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I had a tough decision to make after my Father passed away regarding the way my two sisters handled Daddy’s affairs while he was living with Alzheimer Disease. After speaking candidly with Mr. Spencer all my doubts of making the right decision disappeared. I knew what choices I had, made my decision, and can go forward in life with confidence and clarity. Mr. Spencer was prompt, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you, Mr. Spencer!

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Kevin is an experienced and highly professional and effective attorney for estate litigation. He makes himself available whenever needed and surrounds himself with an excellent staff. I absolutely picked the right law firm for what became a difficult case. I was always advised what to expect, and what the next move would be. When we talked, he was focused, prepared and always followed through. He fought hard for a fair outcome, and assured that justice prevailed. Thank you Mr. Spencer!

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Mr. Spencer is an honorable and fair man. My father has Alzheimer’s. Mr. Spencer was understanding of his situation and also of that of my brother and I. He made every effort to handle our matter in a way to bring us together instead of divide us. We will forever be in his debt.

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Kevin stepped in very quickly and effectively to help me in a time of great need. We talked on Thursday and he ended up working extensively over the weekend to get something filed with the court the following Monday. He communicated effectively use phone, email and texts to keep me current on the case. He was very professional and very effective. He got a default judgment reversed and the entire matter concluded quickly. It was great having Kevin on my side and looking out for my interests.

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During the trying time of our Father’s death we were forced to face another unexpected battle in fighting for my father’s estate. Something my family never thought would ever happen. My sister was put to the test and hired these AWESOME ATTORNEYS. The were a blessing from God during our whole long and drawn out ordeal they never once gave us any doubt of their ability to fight. Kevin Spencer is the “” He put our concerns to the forefront and accomplished all. Highly recommendable.

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It was a very daunting task to hire an attorney in another state to represent 14 beneficiaries without ever meeting in person, yet, from our first conversation I felt at ease about my selection. Upon finally meeting him and his wonderful staff, it was a solid confirmation that I had made the right choice for our family. Not only is Kevin extremely knowledgable and focused, he genuinely cares. He embraced our family and fought for us as if we were his own. I couldn’t have hired a better firm.

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