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Our Dallas probate attorneys offer valuable legal experience advising and representing clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and throughout Texas that can be gained only by doing. We understand our area of practice touches people at times of grief, anger, depression and stress in the loss of a loved-one or by the actions of another, all of which can have damaging effects on you and your family. We are motivated to get actively involved in your case quickly to try to make a difference in the outcome of your situation. We know how to strike a balance between determining the biggest stretch we can push the other side to in a settlement and the need to go to trial. We do not cut corners in our preparation and are ready to go to trial when there is no other course and all settlement possibilities are exhausted. 

Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Lawyers Standing Up For Your Rights

While we believe our reputation for success has resulted from our effective courtroom probate litigation, we also know that we would not have been able to build a winning strategy without valuable interaction with our clients. We consider all legal endeavors to be a team effort and work with our clients to provide them with the best service possible. Although a dispute may already be in progress, we take a proactive approach to resolving your problems by addressing the possible arguments or positions the other party may deploy. Our team is prepared to assist you with:

Guardianship Contests and Guardianship

We assist with the decision regarding whether a person or family member needs a guardian and, if so, who will be appointed as guardian. In this context, we file suit to contest the need for guardianship or to contest, who will be appointed as a guardian and whether he or she is qualified to serve as guardian. Do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation to learn more about incapacity, who should be appointed a guardian, guardianship of the estate versus guardianship of the person, powers of attorney, declaration of a guardian, or living wills.

Will Contests, Related Litigation, and Estate Administration

We file suit contesting wills and testamentary instruments, based upon the testator (the person executing the will) lacking mental capacity or signing the will based upon coercion, undue influence, or fraud. The will may also be a forgery or the result of a breach of fiduciary duty. We will also file lawsuits for theft, theft of fiduciary property and to remove personal representatives (executors or administrators) of estates. Whether your legal matter involves heirship disputes, common law spouse disputes, beneficiary designation disputes, or other ancillary lawsuits, we encourage you to contact our office today.

Trust Contests and Trust Administration Guardianship Contests and Guardianship

We file suit contesting trusts and trust amendments based upon lack of mental capacity, undue influence, fraud, forgery, or breach of fiduciary duty. We also file lawsuits for theft, theft of fiduciary property and to remove trustees. Whether you have concerns regarding trust creation, testamentary trusts versus living trusts, trust administration, or the rights of beneficiaries, our firm can help.

Fiduciary Litigation and Defense of Wills and Trusts

We will review your case to determine if executors, administrators, trustees, guardians, or persons acting under a power of attorney are properly performing their duties. Examples of improper behavior include failing to disclose and inform you of the administration of your estate or trust or how your property is being handled, mismanagement, misappropriation, embezzlement, failing to account, stealing money, refusing to timely distribute money to beneficiaries or improperly protecting assets. We also have experience defending guardians, defending trusts and trustees, and defending wills, executors, and administrators.

Texas Probate System

We represent parties in ancillary probate litigation that includes, but is not limited to issues involving common law spouses, contests to survivorship claims, wrongful death claims, suits on debts or notes, and any other claim an individual has against an estate or guardian, or that an estate or guardian has against an individual or entity.

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